VinUniversity Tree support poles

VinUniversity Tree support poles


Maintenance – Non-Residential/ Public & Urban Spaces

Punggol Park Connector

Completed and opened to the public in 2010, this 6.1 km water-themed park connector links Punggol Promenade to Gerald Drive along Punggol reservoir and the Straits of Johor. The park connector not only improves accessibility but also enhances biodiversity in the area.

Plants are monitored to ensure good health and growth. Landscape technicians can be equipped with waders to conduct a more thorough sweep across the ponds to better assess the plant health of the landscape.

Landscape Technicians keep the planting bed free from weeds and assist to prune away brown foliage or prune back shrubs to prevent leggy growth. Occasional fertilising and sufficient watering helps to maintain the lush vegetation stretching across the park connector.

Trained arborist teams are able to assess and remedy any tree health issues, safety hazards and improve the look of the trees by doing any crown cleaning or pruning works. Landscape technicians are able to use long pruners to access high and tall plants and trimmers to maintain the look and form of the hedges.

Routine checks are conducted at the location for low hanging branches to prevent any incidents to park visitors.

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