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Known as one of the best “design and build specialists” in the industry, Prince’s boasts a team of qualified designers, certified horticulturists, and building specialists.

With over 25 years of experience, we have the skills needed to turn any landscape into a thematic garden of your preference.

Our designers will work according to your specifications, and offer our expertise and surprise you with our creative design proposals.

Sentosa Cove

21 Pavilion Grove

Prince’s garden and landscape Design & Build services of inclusive of the following landscape services:

  1. Initial Site Visit/Site Analysis/Consultation –
    We will first meet you at the site to determine the scope of the project and to ensure a good fit between you and Prince’s Landscape. Through the initial site analysis and consultation, Prince’s Landscape designers grasp an understanding of your vision, the desired use of space and function, and define your landscape concept.
  2. Concept Development –
    Our designers will then develop the character and visual elements of your future landscape area.
  3. Design Development –
    Once the elements in step 2 have been confirmed, we transition the concepts into a detailed design. We will provide landscape plans to illuminate the features your space will take on, so you can visualise the details before installation. This detailed design will be presented for discussion and revision.
  4. Final Design including Budget –
    A set of the complete final drawings with the budget and plants/material lists will be presented to you.
  5. Proposal and Contract –
    We will document the deliverables for you in written form within a week of our final design confirmation.

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